If you want to catch somebody’s attention and business, you’ll need to know what you’re

talking about - and who you’re talking to.

It’s an involved process where you must identify the people you want to reach, be 100% clear on your message to them, and - finally and most importantly - you must put your message into words that fully express and achieve your aims.

That can require a lot of thought - and a level

of skill not everyone will possess.

Happily, for demanding situations like this,

there are people you can turn to. They are

called copywriters - and one you can count

on, for real word power, is Richard Squirrell.

From working on national and international

accounts at advertising agencies in Newcastle

and Edinburgh to starting his own business,

ad-hoc, in 1985, Richard has committed the

greater part of his working life to copywriting.

He can make a difference.